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Step into the forefront of cryptocurrency mining with the Bitmain Antminer K7, the latest evolution in computer performance designed for the Eaglesong algorithm. Delivering an extraordinary hash rate performance of T63.5h/s while consuming only 3080W, the Antminer K7 pioneers efficiency and establishes a new industry standard.

Overview: Introducing the Antminer K7 from Bitmain, a groundbreaking ASIC miner redefining computational power on the Eaglesong algorithm. With an impressive hash rate of T63.5h/s and a power consumption of just 3080W, the Antminer K7 sets a new standard for efficiency and performance optimization. This miner is tailored for mining Nervos (CKB), offering a seamless and profitable mining experience.


  • Manufacturer: Bitmain
  • Model: K7
  • Release Date: February 2023
  • Dimensions: 195 x 290 x 400mm
  • Weight: 14,000g
  • Noise Level: 75db
  • Fan(s): 4
  • Power: 3080W
  • Voltage: 220-240v
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Operating Temperature: 5 – 35 °C
  • Operating Humidity: 5 – 95%

Mineable Coins: Dive into the rich mining potential of the Antminer K7 with Eaglesong and CKB, making it the ideal choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts venturing into Nervos (CKB) mining.

Efficiency and Performance Balancing Act: The Antminer K7 isn’t just a miner; it’s a symbol of efficiency and a pioneer in Eaglesong mining. With its powerful hashrate and meticulous design, it stands as a testament to Bitmain’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mining technology.

Join the Mining Revolution: Unlock the full potential of Eaglesong mining with the Bitmain Antminer K7. Elevate your mining experience with a machine that combines power, efficiency, and innovation. #Bitmain #AntminerK7 #CryptoMining #EaglesongAlgorithm #NervosCKB #CryptocurrencyHardware #DigitalMining #FutureTech #MiningRevolution

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